Openings Act (appetizers)

Sticky Wings              


        Super crispy, sweet, spicy with an Asian influence of soy, ginger, garlic, sriracha – additive!

BBQ Wings                 half doz 7        doz 12

Buffalo Wings             half doz 7.5     doz 12.5

            House fried corn chips, our pulled pork, pulled chicken, brisket or chili, pico                 de gallo, cheese , sour cream
                                    Pork     chicken          chili     brisket
                                    8.5       8.5                   8.5       9

The Fixx – get your fix of all your favorites, crispy fries, cheese, pulled pork, chicken, brisket or chili, bbq sauce, fried egg with pico de gallo, bacon and green onions
                                    Pork     chicken         chili     brisket
                                    9          9                      9          9.5


Soup of the day with crackers                       cup 3   bowl 4

            Made in house (fall & winter only)

Chunk Calico Steak Chilli

hearty & spicy, tender steak paired with lean ground beef, the trifecta of kidney,black and pinto beans, and spices served with pico de gallo, cheese, sour cream

cup 4 bowl 5 on Mac & Cheese 8

The Band (sides)

Creamy Mac & Cheese

perfect blend of cheeses, shells and comfort

Cheesy Potatoes- butter, sour cream and cheeses baked till it's silky and smoth

Quart 12

Cole Slaw - shredded fresh daily and tossed in our sweet and tangy buttermilk dressing

Single 2 Large 3.5 XL 5 Quart 10

French Fries - skin on 

Sing 2 Lrge 3.5

Corn Bread - supermoist, sweet w corn kernels 1.5


Beefy Baked Beans - a blend of pinto, back, kidney beans w/ ground beef, bacon, onion and brn sugar

Single 3 Lrge 4.5 XL 6 Quart 13

Sweet Potato Fries

Single 4 Lrge 5.5

Blue Cheese & Garlic Fries

Single 3 Lrge 4.5

Chili Fries 

Single 4 Lrge 5.5

Corn Fritters

Single 3 Lrge 4.5

Onion Rings

Single 4 Lrge 6

SWEET ENCORES (desserts)

Filled Cupcakes (flavors vary) advance order 3

Cupcake (flavors vary) 2

Pie Slice (apple or pecan) 2.5

Brownie or Big Cookie 1.75

Cake (slice) 3

Fountain 16 oz free refills 2

Can/Bottled Water 1.50

Beers & Wines vary

Coffee 2


Competition Ribs (limited supply) full slab 25

2 lb baby back ribs with 2 reg sides

Ribs with 1 reg side full slab 20

baby back ribs, dry rubbed, slow cooked, grilled and sauced with our secret competition sauce, served with 1 reg side

1/3 slab 8 1/2 slab 12


all of our meats are succulent, smothered with our 10 spice dry rub, roasted for hours, finished with our sweet and tangy sauce with just the right amount of kick!

Pulled Pork

1/4lb 1/3lb 1/2lb

Sandwich $7 $8 $9

Dinner w/2 reg sides & bun or cornbread 14 16

On a bowl of Mac & Cheese 8

Beef Brisket

1/4lb 1/3lb 1/2lb
Sandwich $8.5 $9.5 $10.5
Dinner w/2 reg sides & bun or cornbread 14 16

On a bowl of Mac & Cheese 9

Pulled Chicken

1/4lb 1/3lb 1/2lb
Sandwich $6 $7 $8
Dinner w/2 reg sides & bun or cornbread 11 13
On a bowl of Mac & Cheese 8

Pick 2 meats (ribs extra) 1/3 lb ea 1/2 lb ea

Dinner w/ 2 reg sides & bun or cornbread 18 23

3 2 1 sampler w buns 14 w/o buns 13

3 sliders (pork, beef,chicken) 2 bone ribs & 1 reg side

BBQ Burger

1/4 lb 1/2 lb

bacon & smoke infused grilled 6 8

tomato, onion, bbq sauce & chipotle mayo

add: cheese .5 fried egg 1.5 pork 2


Chopped Chicken 8

romaine lettuce, grilled or pulled chicken breast, ditalini pasta, bacon, blue cheese, roma tomatoes, green onions, house made sweet & tangy dressing

Cobb Chicken 8.5

our version with romaine lettuce, grilled or pulled chicken breast, hard boiled eggs, bacon, tomatoes, blue cheese, corn, french & blue cheese dressing

Southwest Chicken 8

romaine, grilled or pulled chicken breast, tomatoes, bacon, corn, shredded cheese, green onions & house made sriracha blue cheese dressing

Veggie no-meat Chopped, Cobb or Sriracha 7


2 Ribs or 2 Sweet BBQ Chicken Wings or Pork or Chicken Slider, kid's side, sm drink 6

6 oz Mac & Cheese, sm drink 4